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Stressed Individuals in Denver Rely on Bill Strong to Put Things in Perspective


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2012 -- Many people find that life in the 21st century is stressful. The global financial crisis brought job losses, financial worries and in extreme cases, foreclosure to several households. In some cases the problems were so severe that relationships broke up and families separated. These sorts of situations are distressing for adults, but they can be absolutely devastating for the children involved. A lot of people do not like to admit to friends and family that they have problems. They bottle them up, but in doing so, they are actually making the problem worse.

Some people have discovered that talking their problems through with a therapist can put things back into perspective. Therapists identify the root cause of the problem, and the sessions that follow focus on specific goals that instil a sense of self-worth into stressed individuals. Clients leave a session feeling as if they have actually achieved something.

People in Colorado have been turning to Bill Strong Denver therapist when their problems start getting them down. Bill believes that therapy: “helps people listen to their own voice and find the power to change their life.” He counsels individuals with problems relating to relationships, dating, children and families and divorce.”

Bill says he wants to “help his clients find the solution to the problem that the client wants help with. This approach is a shift from “old-school” therapy, with circular discussions and “psycho-babble”.”

Bill has extensive experience of counselling children. He believes “that a child’s behavior must be “listened to” so that its function can be determined. By looking into the “function of the symptom” Bill can assist parents in the development of a plan designed to get the child (and family) back on track.”

As well as running an active blog in which he provides counselling and therapy advice, Bill Strong Denver also has blog in which he discusses outdoor activities. Getting out in the fresh air and forgetting daily troubles can be a great form of therapy in itself.

The features posts on a family rafting holiday, skiing and reviews of various types of camping and boating gear. Visitors to the site can also connect to Bill through Google Friend Connect.

About Bill Strong Denver Therapist
William Strong, Licensed Therapist in Denver, has been in private counseling practice for over 14 years. He specializes in identifying concrete solutions to self-defeating problems.

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