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Stretch Mark Lab Releases Up-to-the-Minute Rankings of Stretch Mark Creams

Top topical treatments offer compelling mixture of effectiveness, convenience and affordability, Stretch Mark Lab reports in newly published list


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2014 -- Stretch Marks Lab, an online informational resource for those researching ways of reducing or eliminating the appearance of stretch marks, announced the release of a new list ranking some of the top products on the market. Highlighting four widely available topical treatments which have been shown through extensive use and analysis to be the most effective on the market, the new rankings will be of interest to many people who suffer from stretch marks, whatever the root causes. In addition to the newly released list, Stretch Marks Lab provides reviews of many other products and treatments, as well as a selection of guides which can help those with unsightly stretch marks better understand the pertinent issues and sources of potential relief.

"After spending the last year and a half putting a wide variety of stretch mark creams and oils through their paces," company representative Mary Smith said, "we've summarized the most interesting of our findings in the form of our new list of the most highly recommended products of this sort." Resulting from variations in the elasticity and pliability of different layers of the skin as it expands, stretch marks are a commonly reported problem. Most women experience them to one degree or another after going through pregnancy, and many people of both genders develop them after gaining or losing substantial amounts of weight. In fact, most stretch marks disappear gradually over time as the damaged layers of skin repair themselves, but some will remain permanently apparent unless specific action is taken to correct them.

"The great news for consumers is that, with the products that made our list, they can experience high degrees of effectiveness, along with affordability," Smith continued, "People who have looked at surgical treatments and decided against them will be especially happy that these creams have so much to offer." There are a variety of surgical approaches to reducing the appearance of stretch marks, although they range in effectiveness and applicability. Laser treatments may lessen the visibility of newly developed stretch marks, while surgical excision may be used to remove mature, individual stretch marks or even whole areas of skin that contain such blemishes, typically during the course of a "tummy tuck" or similar surgery. The expense, discomfort, and potential side effects of these treatments, however, make them less than attractive to many consumers. That fact has led to the development of a large number of over-the-counter topical treatments which may be applied at home, the best of which are singled out in Stretch Marks Lab's new report.

The Skinception Stretch Mark Cream took the top spot in those rankings, receiving high marks for its affordability and effectiveness. Stretch Marks Lab drew on its own internal analysis of the product as well as the reports of many users in coming to this verdict and offers an extensive, dedicated review of the cream on its site, as well. The company's earlier Revitol Stretch Mark Cream review was weighed in conjunction with a similarly broad selection of independent reports before the decision was made to grant that product the runner-up spot in the new rankings. Those interested in the report can read it, free of charge, along with a wide selection of other stretch mark-related reviews and articles, at

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