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Stretch Mark Removal Solutions That Work for Real People Are on Revitol Stretchmark Cream X-Tra Site


Fresno, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2013 -- “There are manufacturers and marketers who simply prey on people’s vulnerability,” according to Serena Malfi, whose RevitolStretchmarkCream xTra site released its latest findings on the best removal solutions that work for real people. “They sell worthless snake oil to sufferers who are desperate for a remedy.” Malfi, who draws from her own personal struggle with stretch marks, wants her site to be a place people looking to remove stretch marks can go to for the unvarnished truth and to get to a solution that will work for them.

Stretch mark removal products are marketed by an array of companies – some claiming to be all natural, some saying they offer surgical results, some assert they’re based on decades of dermatological research. But people who have them and want to get rid of stretch marks just want to narrow things down to the best stretch mark cream for them. Malfi knows that, so she regularly adds updated market research and surveys an array of solutions people may consider to remove stretch marks. The newest piece of research on cocoa butter for stretch marks and its usefulness is disappointing. She reveals that despite claims to the contrary, a study of 175 pregnant women showed cocoa butter is not effective for stretch mark removal or preventing pregnancy stretch marks.

“There’s certainly no shortage of options for stretch mark removal cream and people will try virtually anything – even home remedies like a lemon juice and salt scrub. But, here’s a sobering point,” she said, “from what I’ve seen, even the top-rated brands will only work for about 70% of users and at least 20% of people will be unhappy with their results.”

Malfi initially created the site at revitolstretchmarkcreamx.com during her personal battle with stretch marks removal. After trying countless remedies for getting rid of stretch marks, she had success with Revitol stretch mark cream. And so, the site started as a place where people could find Revitol reviews and information on how to prevent stretch marks with that specific product. But it has now evolved into a more general resource covering many products that above all recommends visitors to revitolstretchmarkcreamx approach buying stretch mark treatment with realism and awareness.

About Revitol Stretchmark Cream X-tra
Serena Malfi founded the Revitol Stretchmark Cream X-tra three years ago after winning her personal battle with stretch marks. Enthusiastic about her own success, she wanted to share information about the product that helped her. Today, the site has evolved into a more objective resource for information on stretch mark removal products that hopes to set realistic expectations for people shopping for cures. For more information, visit: http://revitolstretchmarkcreamx.com