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StrictlyBodybuilding.net Adds Many New Articles on Bodybuilding, Weight Loss and Nutrition


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2013 -- The popular muscle building, exercise and nutrition website StrictlyBodybuilding.net founded by Christian Blake has recently added a massive amount of new articles and information on bodybuilding workout routines and nutrition for building muscles. The website is dedicated to providing hundreds of free articles and tips with diet, exercise and weight lifting routines that are proven to eliminate excess fat and create a lean and rock-solid body.

As thousands of people make the muscle building and exercise website StrictlyBodybuilding.net a part of their daily information intake on building muscle, the website has responded with the addition of a swath of new articles on workout programs. According to website founder Christian Blake, the website was created for the sole aim of teaching people all around the world the secrets of building muscles. As a cornerstone of their dedication to providing readers with the latest muscle building information and techniques, Blake and his researchers are constantly compiling valuable new information to present to readers at no cost.

“Our ongoing goal is to not leave any stone unturned as we deal with all fitness matters that have to do with increasing muscle size, gaining strength and resistance training,” said Blake. “Like the hundreds of articles and tips already on the website, the new articles, information and tips also cut across diet, exercise, meal plans, lifestyle and mind control to help readers achieve their muscle building dreams.”

Finding a get ripped diet that brings together the nutritional aspects with proven workout routines is paramount to bodybuilding success, so the website has added a new whitepaper on get ripped diets. The piece breaks down the process by phases that range from bulking and cutting to sections that explore body types.

Readers now have access to new articles such as those covering the bodybuilding process that looks at rep ranges, five-minute burn periods and a host of tips to follow in a bodybuilding process. New articles such as “Best Workout Routines for Permanent Weight Loss” and “Ryan Reynolds Get Ripped Diet Plan and Workout Routine” provide detailed information on successful workout programs. These join an established series of articles on the subject.

From new articles on bodybuilding foods that help eliminate body weight to top body building foods for gaining muscle and getting ripped, readers will get detailed information on proper foods and how they fit into a muscle building diet. “We strive to provide only the most relevant information that people need about muscle building that we update frequently,” said Blake. “Consequently, we encourage readers to visit as often as possible to view the latest information and articles.” For more information, please visit http://www.strictlybodybuilding.net/

About StrictlyBodybuilding.net
StrictlyBodybuilding.net is a dedicated bodybuilding website that teaches readers how to eliminate their excess fat and create a lean and rock-solid body. The tips and fitness information are presented in the form of a growing series of articles and videos that represent the most current and effective techniques that transcend all eras and fads. The goal of the website’s dedicated research team is to add more than 2,000 articles and hundreds of videos that will represent the most thorough and complete online resource of proven weight loss, fitness exercises and nutrition plans.