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Strike Comics Presents the Ultimate Homage to 80's Action Movies with "Heavy Weapon"

"Heavy-Weapon Precursor Of War" is an action/adventure graphic novel that is available now in paperback, hardcover, and digital formats.


Orchards, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2014 -- Heavy Weapon: Precursor Of War is the new action/adventure feature that has all the makings of an 80’s war movie – in graphic novel form! Heavy Weapon was released October 2013 on paperback, January 2014 in hardcover, and an upcoming Limited Edition of the book called the "Munition Edition" which comes in special packaging and includes a slew of extras such as dog tags, art prints, a cloth map, and die-cut bookmarks is set for release in 2014.

With the launch of Heavy Weapon author David Desjardin has unleashed his love for 80’s action movies by creating a book that emulates everything he adored about films made on shoestring budgets featuring muscle-bound heroes on a mission, running through the jungle with machine guns and blowing up straw huts. Heavy Weapon intends to bring a return to that type of schlock only found in 80's entertainment. Heavy Weapon may be a graphic novel, but at its heart, it is essentially the sequel to every action movie ever made.

Heavy Weapon pays homage to countless action films such as Predator, Commando, Deadly Prey, Action Jackson, and many others. It is by no accident that Heavy Weapon feels like an old 80’s action movie, because it was born of them.

Heavy Weapon was created from ideas found in many action movies of the 80's era. The process of writing Heavy Weapon initially started out as a small seed in the mind of David Desjardin when he was in the military. While on deployment, he met with fellow action movie connoisseur, David McGill. They shared movies and discussed traits of both mainstream action movies during the time period as well as B-movies and Z-grade Namsploitation films, which led to the writing of the script. The laundry list of traits, plot points, and other ideas were collected then formed into what is now Heavy Weapon.

Heavy Weapon details the spoils of waging its own personal war in the comic industry by featuring unique VHS style covers for each version of the book. With each VHS style cover donning exclusive painted art by Sam Denmark, and every version inscribed with distinctive taglines like "He wasn't being recruited, he was being unleashed!" and "He keeps his enemies close… to the barrel of his gun!", Heavy Weapon proves that no detail was spared in paying homage to every facet of the genre.

Heavy Weapon: Precursor of War is sure to please and captivate fans of graphic novels, comics, 80's nostalgia and action movies in general.

Heavy Weapon: Precursor of War was written by author David Desjardin, who is an artist, storyteller, and avid gamer that is hopelessly stuck in the 80's with a love for cheesy B-movies, and action films.

Paperback and Kindle copies are available worldwide from, as well as Barnes & Noble. Hardcovers can be found at, and digital copies are on Comixology. Learn more about the book at

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