StrikeaPose Photo Boothd Helps People Start a Profitable Photo Booth Business


Madison, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2012 -- Temporary, portable photo booths are a familiar sight at weddings and other events across the US. These fun booths are a great opportunity for couples and friends to pose for an instantly printed memento of the day, and they are also a fantastic business opportunity for those who own them. As technology develops and costs go down, owning a photo booth becomes a more lucrative investment every year.

One photo booth website which is starting to gain a lot of attention is This photo booth retailer and manufacturer sells their portable photo booths as a business opportunity. They have built a substantial reputation on the back of the high quality manufacturing and great value price of their photo booths.

The Strike A Pose photo booths are so sought after because of their innovative design. When the booth is collapsed it will fit in the back seat of any car for transportation. Other portable photo booths are much larger and require specialized transportation solutions. This not only makes the use of the photo booth more profitable, but also lowers the barrier to market entry.

The Strike A Pose photobooth is also easy for one person to handle comfortably, thanks to the light construction and the built in wheels. However, despite the lightness of materials, the construction of the photo booth is still extremely durable.

A normal photo booth set up can take around 45 minutes, but the Strike a Pose booth can be up in just three. No special tools or complicated assembly methods are required.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Temporary photo booths at events are incredibly profitable. It’s a fantastic secondary income, and with several booths it can even become a lucrative main business. The key is to have a high quality booth that is easy to transport. That way you spend less time on logistics and more time actually making money. Our booth is made from the highest quality materials, including a Canon camera and a high quality dye sublimation digital photo printer. The entire booth operates automatically, so there is no need for any photography knowledge. You just set up the booth, turn on the lights, and your customers can enjoy high quality photos. Because no specialized transportation is required, the barrier to entry is very small. Interested parties can visit our website for full information about how to buy a photo booth.”

About is a manufacturer of high quality, lightweight, easy to assemble temporary photo booths for use at weddings or other events.

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