STRING 'EM UP PT1 by MEN with VEN Released on iTunes, Amazon Etc. on February 21 2013

Welcome to the Apocalyptic Knees Up at the End


Mountain View, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2013 -- MEN WITH VEN have created a house special snakebite mix of Ian Dury, Giorgio Moroder, Max Miller and Chas’n’Dave with their single STRING ‘EM UP PT1.

Bill and Dave and Carl distill lager into pure gold with their rant against everything and everyone.

This is the first electro-pub classic. A soundtrack for irrationally irritating times.

A call to arms against Melvyn Bragg, Billy Bragg, Gary Lineker, Peggy Ashcroft and well… just about everybody really.

So what have they got?

They got VEN – not just the plural of van, but a mystical substance infusing a unique worldview… like Zen, only faster and harder and funnier.

You know you love it don’t cha?


Carl of MEN WITH VEN explains what could be described as their “creative process” in his own words…

“So we come out the pub and of course we go back to the van.

At first it looks the same as always.

A big horrible thing, white but needing a wash.

Of course, some little herbert has written in the grime “wish my wife was as dirty as your van” – the old ones are the best.

But there’s something different about it.

We open it up.

Loads of plastic kitchen items. A bit of keep-fit equipment. A few pairs of headphones, some nifty mobiles, still in the boxes. A crate of shampoo and some posh-looking perfume (shame about the spelling mistakes on the bottles – Channel No. 5 is a TV station, not a fragrance, but never mind right?).

But what is this?

Sitting right on top, like a Christmas present, are two shiny laptops and, next to them, a couple of what look like very nice guitars.

And a microphone.

We look at each other and shrug. It’s been a long night right enough, but none of us has the slightest memory of acquiring this particular gear at any point in the proceedings. We pick the stuff up and have a closer look. Strangely, it feels like it really belongs to us.

This is not a feeling we have that often, to be honest.

Then this weird thing happens.

A glow.

A vibe.

We don’t know what it is, but we know something has changed.

We look at each other again and we’re all sort of… different.

Suddenly we have a purpose, a mission.

Suddenly we are no longer just men. We are MEN WITH VEN.

And that’s how it began. Three men and nearly as many chords, on the road from Barking to Deptford.

Telling it the way it is in pubs and markets, treading the highway and the sticky carpet.

There’s no stopping us : the dogs have seen the rabbit.

The odds are long but they are worth a flutter.

We respect everyone but trust no one except our tailor.

We dodge all the blue lights and put you bang to rights.


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