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Stripped Down to the Core


Warren, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2012 -- Stripped Down to the Core: A guide for professional, bicultural women seeking to live an authentic life, a non-fiction life-coaching book written by life coach and author, Sherry Bakhtian, is now available for distribution through Amazon.

Stripped Down to the Core describes the inner and outer challenges of being a professional bicultural or multicultural woman. The book draws from Sherry’s own experiences, as well as those of her coaching clients who have faced various life or work transitions and who pushed to follow the path toward true self-discovery.

Sherry Bakhtian is a Ph.D. scientist by education and training who transitioned into becoming a professional spiritual life coach in 2006, and who lives in Warren, NJ. Sherry was drawn to the struggle of professional bicultural women who sought her transition coaching and mentoring services, and she began to discover similar patterns between these women and what she herself had faced. Sherry defines bicultural women as those who are born into one culture, but live in another.

Sherry explains, “As a bicultural professional woman who faces the daily challenges of being a working mother, with a strong drive to succeed in the corporate world and to fit in, you might suddenly find yourself stopped dead in your tracks one day wondering if this is all there is. What brings you to this point is different for everyone. At the core of it all is the question of who you are and how you choose to live your life from this moment on.”

The ultimate goal of the book is to reveal to bicultural women new choices through true self-discovery that they may not have realized they had before beginning this process. A successful self-discovery will ultimately lead to manifesting the life that you only dare to dream of.

Sherry hopes that other professional bicultural women in the community will read the book and feel supported, as well as understood in their pursuit of full satisfaction in life. She says, “my goal now is to let all the women out there who are struggling in silence realize that they belong to a very special tribe and that they are not alone.

It is okay to stop and take a break, ask the tough questions, and wonder what it is all about. No, you are not going crazy, you are just waking up.”

Additional information about Stripped Down to the Core can be found at: http://icreateaspace.com/stripped-down-to-core-multicultural-women-books/. The book may be purchased through the website or directly from Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Stripped-Down-Core-professional-bicultural/dp/0983715009 Sherry Bakhtian, PhD, ACC 908-698-9828 sherry@icreateaspace.com http://www.icreateaspace.com

About Sherry Bakhtian
Sherry Bakhtian is a professional spiritual life coach. She coaches professionals going through all kinds of transitions. Sherry has been in business since 2006.