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Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2013 -- Busy moms with small children are like octopi. “If I had the arms of the octopus, I would be fine,” said PJ Jones, a new mom.

Jones is talking about how taking her son out in the stroller can be a chore. Managing the child, stroller, diaper bag and purse is almost more than she can realistically handle.

The dads of Freddie and Sebbie could not agree more. This is why they created the Stroller Clip.

“We spent tons of our money on stuff for the kids. Most of them worked, but they always were missing one thing to make them better. We decided to do something about it,” said Neil of Freddie and Sebbie.

The Stroller Clip is another innovation from the makers of the Kick Mat. Designed to clip onto the handle of a stroller, each clip attaches firmly with Velcro and the snap-hinge design means a tight grip.

“The clips are perfect for holding diaper bags and purses. It is the perfect way to free up hands for the children and shopping,” said Neil.

Freddie and Sebbie needed to reach as many people as possible with their products. They knew there was only one way to do it and do it well.

“We turned to,” said Neil, “the shipping and international reach of meant we could sell our products to all moms and dads, not just the ones in our immediate area.”

All of Freddie and Sebbie products are sold exclusively at Each of their products is designed to make the parent of a young child a bit easier.

“We wanted to help. We have been there and are still there. Freddie and Sebbie are the names of our twins,” said Neil, referring to his own family.

Freddie and Sebbie Stroller Clips are available exclusively on Amazon:

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