Strong Gold Prices Will Push Many Hot List Stock Picks Higher According to Penny Stock Professional

The price of gold has increased by just under $200 per ounce since the middle of May, to a six month high of $1,736. The strength in the price of the commodity has been driven to a great degree by the rounds of Quantitative Easing here at home, and overseas in Europe and some parts of Asia and South America. One of the results of higher gold prices, according to penny stock picks expert Peter Leeds, is that many of his newsletter's Hot List penny stock picks that are in the precious metals sector will enjoy increases in sales and profits, and theoretically higher share prices.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2013 -- Given the rising gold prices over recent months, which have increased by more than 12% since May, precious metals miners and producers may see a benefit to their operational results. This will be the case according to penny stock picks expert Peter Leeds, who anticipates improving sales and earnings results from among his Hot List gold production penny stock picks.

"Resource penny stock picks have been under pressure throughout the spring and summer," mentions Leeds, "as have precious metals prices. Now, however, with gold and silver increasing strongly, to see similar tracking moves from among our penny stock picks from that industry."

Leeds is the publisher of the Peter Leeds Penny Stock picks newsletter, along with his full penny stock team. Leeds is also the author of 'Invest in Penny Stock,' a hard cover published by John Wiley & Sons, and available wherever books are sold. Leeds is also a public speaker, and writes about his picks for such outlets as Forbes, Yahoo! News, and many others.

"All mentioned in the spring that everyone expecting a recovery in precious metals prices, along with renewed strength among penny stock in those sectors throughout the summer and into the fall," says Leeds. "This trend has played out exactly as predicted, and don't anticipate that it is over just yet."

When asked what he expects going forward for his picks, Leeds is quick to explain that, "gold and silver prices will continue to rise as long as various global governments keep creating money, loosening fiscal lending constraints, and buying up obligations. Luckily for subscribers to Peter Leeds Penny Stocks, the higher gold prices go, the better the underlying penny stock picks we've made will perform."

The Peter Leeds penny stock picks newsletter is widely known to be 100% unbiased, with neither Leeds nor any of his penny stock team members ever taking a single cent in compensation for the penny stock picks reviewed, or from the penny stock picks profile. In this manner, the subscribers to Peter Leeds penny stocks, who come from six different continents, and several dozen countries, know that the penny stock picks are receiving are the result of honest and directed review.

When asked how high he expects gold prices to rise, Leeds points to comments he made in Forbes back on September 23rd, 2011, where he pegs a value of $3,200 per ounce. He also has much higher price expectations for the various Hot List penny stock picks in the gold production sector that he has made for subscribers to his newsletter, as well as the silver, platinum, uranium, and other specialty metals penny stock picks have made.

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