StrongMan Armor Outshines Traditional Security Measures by Making Exterior Doors Impenetrable

When someone goes to bed at night, locks up the office, or leaves for work, they lock every door in the house or business and set the alarm system. But that won’t stop experienced thieves or intruders from breaking in if the home or office isn’t prepared. Strongman Armor is a company that wants to help.


Nampa, ID -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2012 -- Most people don’t know that over 80% of home-invasion attackers & burglars enter a home or business by kicking in the front door. There may be an alarm system but police can’t respond quickly enough to stop a threat or catch the bad guys before they’re gone. In fact, the average burglar only spends about 8 minutes inside a home or business before they’re gone! An alarm system may rush bad guys into getting out but it won’t stop them from getting in. By the time most police or security professionals arrive at a building that has been broken into, the bad guys are long gone, and only 13% of reported burglaries are actually solved.

Homeowners may have guns to protect their families in a home invasion or break-in scenario but they won’t do any good if there is no time to get to them when seconds count. In a home invasion scenario, intruders can break in, guns-in hand and be in a bedroom in less than 2 seconds. Guns help provide home security but they must be accessible in seconds to stop a threat. Furthermore, most people would be shocked at how easily a door can be kicked in, and StrongMan Armor is convinced that the average home or business in America is extremely defenseless when it comes to door break-ins, and intruders know it too.

This is where StrongMan Armor can make a significant difference in bolstering home and business security measures. The most effective way to protect a home or business is to secure its entry points. Strongman Armor can do this by offering the products & installation services needed to provide peace of mind for homeowners, businesses, and families by fortifying exterior doors against intruders and sending them packing.

About StrongMan Armor
StrongMan Armor ( is a home security company that specializes in door jamb and door reinforcement. StrongMan Armor has over ten years of metal fabrication experience and is located in Idaho’s Treasure Valley.

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