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Struggling Students in Singapore Turn to for Qualified Tutors


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2012 -- Students in Singapore might be stressed out thinking about the upcoming academic year, but their parents can already start checking tutors available for a variety of academic needs. Everyone knows that education is essential for achieving great things in life, but sometimes students struggle in school and need a little bit of extra support.

In Singapore, there are many tutors available, but it may be difficult to find a tutor who is qualified and who can be trusted to provide the proper guidance and assistance to a student. As a result, many parents have turned to A Star Tuition Agency in order to request qualified tutor services easily online.

“With a selection of more than 4000 experienced and qualified educators of different backgrounds ranging from primary school teachers to lecturers and professionals in the market, we are confident you are able to choose the right tutor for your child to work with. We are also committed and meticulous to find the right tutor you require within two working days,” proclaims the A-Star Tuition Agency website.

Parents can visit the website in order to fill out a tutor request form instantly and receive a response within two business days. Parents can also check out a helpful chart that reveals hourly tuition rates for various qualified tutors. Tutoring is available for primary, secondary and JC students. The website’s Tutor Search tool enables parents to search for tutors by region, tutor qualifications and level of the child.

Those who want to become tutors in Singapore will find information about working for A-Star Tuition on the company’s website. They will also find an online form that they can fill out. Tutor candidates must submit grades that they have obtained as well as their preferred teaching subjects in order to be contacted by A-Star Tuition about joining the tuition agency.

The A-Star Tuition Agency provides parents with the resources necessary to find qualified tutors for their children and tutors with a chance to receive tutoring opportunities that correspond to their academic and professional qualifications.

About A-Star Tuition Agency
A-Star Tuition Agency is a local tuition agency that strongly believes that education is a key foundation to being successful in life. A-Star Tuition Agency provides every child with an opportunity to acquire and sharpen different skill sets in the fields of their choice by working with the appropriate tutors. The agency provides a selection of more than 4,000 experienced and qualified educators of different backgrounds, and tutors are provided rapidly upon request.

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