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Going to college is expensive. Most students have to take out loans to help pay for it. Once they’ve graduated, they must get a job and settle into post-college life. After that, they begin traveling the long road of student debt repayment.


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- Free Debt Repayment Information
- Student Loan Assistant
- Plans to Repay Student Debt
- Debt Tracking Worksheets

Free Student Loan Repayment Tools

A graduate has to find employment, get comfortable as wage earner, and worry about student debt repayment. Here are a few free online tools that can help him. The National Student Loan Data System is a great resource to find out which organization is servicing the loans, how much is owed, and interest rates. If the payments are a bit much right away, there’s a new income-based payment calculator that caps the amount one has to pay based on his income level. The Department of Education has also developed several online calculators that can help people repay their loans.

Student Loans Repayment Assistant

There is such an online tool as a student debt repayment assistant. The Assistant is a guide that helps people define what type of loans they have, how much they’re paying in interest, and how much they owe. For example, it puts names to federal loans, such as Stafford or Perkins. It also clarifies non-federal loans, calling them “private” or “alternative.” Defining each type of loan makes it easier to figure out which methods are best for repayment.

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Student Debt Repayment Plans

Many student debt repayment plans are in place to help manage student loan debt. Payment plans depend on whether the loans are federal or non-federal. Examples of plans to repay federal direct loans include the Standard Repayment Plan, which one pays on for 10 years. The Income Contingent Repayment Plan is effective when one has low income. There’s also an Extended Repayment Plan which allows one to make payments for up to 25 years.

Worksheets to Track Debt Payments

The Internet is a veritable font of helpful tools, including the student debt repayment assistant, that enable graduates to stay up on loan repayment. Included in these aids are several worksheets to track payments. Once a person gathers his information from the National Student Loan Data System, he enters it into the worksheet he printed. The next time he makes a payment, he logs it in. This keeps him aware of his loan amounts, etc.

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