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Student Economy Is on the Rise with Explorite Connecting College Students with the Services and Products They Need from Other Students


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/15/2014 -- Explorite is providing a helping hand to the college students when it comes to their needs of academic products and services from other students. The online platform is acting as a mediator that connects seller with buyers and making an effort to raise the student economy in turn. Students can sell the products, which they do not need any more and recollect some of the money they spent on the same at the time of purchase. This way they can turn the useless things into profit. In addition, they can also buy things at a very low price from other students and satisfy their academic requirements.

One needs to follow four steps to sell the products. These include listing of items, getting notified via phone or message when a person is interested, negotiating with the buyer and meeting on campus to seal the trade. In case of buying the first step changes to searching of desired items from list of available items. Rest of the three steps remain the same.

“We are making an effort to boost the student economy by connecting the college students with the goods and services they need from other students. This way student who is selling the product which is no more useful for him, earn some money from the same and the one who is interested in buying the product, gets the same at a lower rate. This minimizes the wastage and turns it into a profitable deal,” said a representative of the company, while speaking to the media.

The services offered by the company include help in selling and buying old stuffs, finding vacant room on rent, finding roommate, job offerings, car purchase and much more for absolutely no cost. All users need to do is register themselves on the website.

About Explorite
Explorite is a well-known Boston based company that started operation in the year 2011. The company helps the students to get access to things they need during college years.

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