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Student Money Saver Profiles the New Student Loan System for the Coming Academic Year

New Student Loans System Explained at


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/14/2011 -- Student Money Saver has some important news regarding the student loans system for the 2011/2012 academic campaign on the blog section of its website. Recent profiles at the student money site have been coming thick and fast of late with updates about everything from student offers to student discounts.

The much coveted fees of up to £9,000 come into force this year following a torrent of media criticism and uproar from students across the United Kingdom. Student finance has obviously become a contentious issue of late and Student Money Saver is aiming to give students absolutely all the information they need for the forthcoming campaign.

Items profiled in the latest SMS update include the comparison between the fees that students will pay this year compared to last. Indeed, students will need to borrow a staggering £27,000 to cover their fees this year for a standard three year degree.

Also outlined are the percentages students will need to pay back, salary thresholds and the amount of money their parents will have to earn in order for them to be entitled to the hugely important maintenance loan.

As is described on the Student Money Saver website, the service will be leaving no stone unturned over the next few days when it comes to finding all the latest student finance, student funding news as well further news about student loans. For more information, simply visit the site by clicking this link.