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Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2012 -- Thousands of parents and students around the country are increasingly turning to the website StudentLoanCalculatorTips.com to learn everything they need to know about student loans and calculating a manageable repayment plan. The website is dedicated to the sole aim of helping students everywhere get the education they want while staying debt free with current information on every type of loan and loan calculation.

For recent generations of college students, the heavy financial burden of unplanned student loans has followed them well into their professional lives. Today’s students and families are seeking a better way to plan with a student loan repayment calculator, and are seeking the valuable information they need on planning for student loan repayments with the vast information at the StudentLoanCalculatorTips.com website. “Our single-minded goal is to help students and families understand and plan for college loans so that their educational dreams do not become financial nightmares later in life,” said a StudentLoanCalculatorTips.com spokesperson.

The website provides in-depth information that students need to choose the right loan and calculate a manageable payment schedule. The provided information is continually updated and expanded by their dedicated research experts. The website covers such topics as student loan calculators, bad credit student loans, consolidate student loans, interest rate calculator and private student loans among many others.

The student loan payment calculator information website provides a wealth of different articles on every aspect of student loans. A series of posted articles first helps the reader understand the four types of educational loans (Student Loans, Parent Loans, Private Student Loans, and Consolidation Loans). Readers will learn the structure of each type, where and when they can be obtained and which one best fits the differing types of loan seeker.

The website also delves deeply into the four different and most popular calculators available (College Cost Projector, Savings Plan Contribution, Expected Family Contribution and Financial Aid Calculator, and Loan Calculator). Each available loan calculator is explained in-depth as well as which types of loans they are geared to and their intended repayment schedules.

The student loans for college category provides vital information on bad credit student loans, pros and cons of loan consolidation and unearthed truths about student loans that loan providers do not share. “We see our role as ensuring that students get the right, detailed and most recent information on how to get a loan and everything connected to the process,” said the website spokesperson. “In order to make the most of the available information, we encourage students to visit the website often as we add new posts weekly to keep them informed on the latest and most detailed information for choosing and calculating the right loan and creating a manageable repayment schedule for their circumstances.” For more information, please visit http://studentloancalculatortips.com/

About StudentLoanCalculatorTips.com
The website is dedicated to the sole aim of helping students get the education they want while staying debt free. Readers will find current information on every type of student loan, the differing loan calculators as well as how to utilize them and compute the information to create a manageable repayment plan. The website’s unique and constantly updated information is compiled by dedicated researchers in order to help students make the right decisions with educational student loans.