Joe Bragg Now Accepting Applications for Student Loan Consolidations


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2013 -- Student loans are larger today than they have ever been in the past. Today, American students are racking up tens of thousands of dollars in debt long before they enter the workforce. High tuition costs and record unemployment rates among young people have left many students struggling to pay off their debts after leaving school.

Fortunately, students who are struggling to pay off student loans can consolidate their loans in order to enjoy lower interest rates and easier monthly payments. At, visitors can learn exactly how student loan consolidation can help reduce the total amount of money they will pay towards their student loan. is currently accepting applications for student loans consolidation services as well as private student loans. A spokesperson for the site explains how student loan consolidation can help many students save money:

“Many students are forced to start paying student loan bills within just months of graduating. For students who have found a secure, high-paying job, this may not be a problem. But for everyone else, it can create devastating financial issues. Student loan consolidation is an easy and effective way to make monthly payments more manageable. A good debt consolidation service can make monthly payments smaller by reducing interest rates and extending the term.”

Detailed information about the student loan consolidation process can be found at However, the website also aims to help students in other ways. The website’s blog features regular updates designed to help students deal with the challenges that can occur after graduation. Sample articles include:

- “Where To Live After College to Pay Off Student Debt Quickest”
- “Steps to Start Saving for Retirement After School”
- “Top 7 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score in College”
- “When Student Loan Consolidation Might Not Be For You”
- “6 Simple Steps to Consolidate Student Loans

This information is designed to help students effectively manage their finances before attending college and after graduation. For students who have yet to apply for student loans, the website also explains the differences between federal student loans and private student loans, both of which have their own unique advantages. Many students in need, for example, are not eligible for government loans, which is why they choose to work with a private lender.

Whether searching for a way to pay for college or interested in consolidating a student loan as soon as possible, aims to make life easier for college students before, during, and after graduation.

About is a student loan tips and advice website designed to help students manage their finances before and after graduation. The website features a private student loan application form as well as a link to loan consolidation services. For more information, please visit: