Students and Alumni Flocking to New Website for College Reading Material


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2015 -- College goers and alumni alike need no longer scream into the social media void about college life, nor must they tread the digital wasteland of so-called "college" websites to find the best content, because FlockU is gearing up to give them a place to do both of those things – and much more.

FlockU is a place for college people. Prospective students, current students and alumni can flock together and soar through the skies of "hilarious, ridiculous, fresh, smart" content in a place designed specifically for college life enthusiasts on

FlockU gives student bodies a platform to actually enjoy college content. The site also gives students' bodies a platform for discussion with health and lifestyle material. In fact, Flockers can discuss and enjoy bodies in general because FlockU also has (tasteful) content about sex. But sex, bodies and sexy bodies are only a few of the topics facilitated by FlockU.

This new website, officially launching in January 2016, has "college covered." Students residing in dormitories across the world can reach through the ether and share a few laughs, a few cries and exchange mad feels with one another over some great flocking content. The same goes for former students looking to harken back to their glory days in academia. In fact, everyone can get flocked up like they want to on

Those currently basking in the splendors of a campus lifestyle are encouraged to take on a new extracurricular activity and join the Flock. Interested parties can go to the FlockU website and fill out the form on the homepage to receive a notification when fully launches. Until then, future Flockers can check out FlockU's Facebook account and follow them on Twitter and Instagram @FlockUrself for a taste of what's to come.

About FlockU
FlockU is the first platform where students across the country can gain real-life insight into surviving academics, and read about unique, compelling, or just plain outrageous college experiences. is a new type of digital hub created for students, by students, with some savvy adults chiming in along the way. The content is heavy on the snark but light on the pretense, spanning across eight core verticals: Classes, Lifestyle, Sex, Viral Trends, Do Good, Health, Entertainment and The Real World. Founded in April 2015, FlockU was built to engage, entertain and enlighten students (and semi-grown adults) by showcasing what's happening on college campuses, online, and around the world.

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