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Students Seek Nonprofit Online Master’s Degree Program Schools Via Intelicus Education Directory


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2012 -- Prospective students interested in pursuing a master degree online are opting to learn about nonprofit universities from Intelicus. The online educational directory specializes in information on nonprofit schools and degrees with an emphasis on online master’s degree programs.

Whether today’s students are pursuing their first degree or are seasoned career professionals that want to attain an additional degree, every dollar counts in the tight economy. Many have heard the horror stories of some for-profit institutions of higher learning. Consequently, many are opting to learn about nonprofit institutions where accreditation and a history of academic rigor are more likely to provide the greatest educational return. The Intelicus online degree directory is the preeminent source for those seeking information on degree programs from trusted sources that put the student’s needs first.

Intelicus limits its information to nonprofit schools with the highest standing in academia. This gives students interested in obtaining a master degree online a level playing field academically so that decisions are based on preference and program rather than academic heft. “We concentrate on the best nonprofit schools with a long history of educational excellence so that prospective students don’t have to wonder if they will have a degree that will work for them in the marketplace,” said an Intelicus education directory representative. “Too many of today’s for-profit schools are more about marketing than they are about educational substance, so this is one way that we can help students narrow their focus to the best likely candidate schools.”

The Website profiles well-respected schools such as The University of Illinois at Chicago, Portland State University and Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences. Consequently, students can find a wealth of options in online master’s degree tracks that will lead to meaningful degrees that are respected in the working world. “These schools provide students the best education for their money and the degrees are well respected by employers around the country,” said the Intelicus representative.

Students can choose from dozens of program tracks such as Masters in Education, Online MBA, Nurse Practitioner Programs, Masters in Health Administration, Masters in Engineering and many more. Intelicus provides an extensive career guide and educational resource sections with detailed information on financial aid and other important aspects of the universities and curriculums.

For more information, please visit http://www.intelicus.com

About Intelicus
Intelicus is the premier education directory of nonprofit online degrees with an emphasis on online master’s degree program tracks. The directory includes detailed information on the top nonprofit institutions in the country as well as extensive information on more than 50 online master’s degree program tracks. The Website also provides extensive educational resource information, articles, guides and tips for prospective students.