Studies Find Turmeric to Be Superior to Ten Medications


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2015 -- The therapeutic benefits of turmeric have been extremely popular over the past years. As a matter of fact, instead of using turmeric powder, many people are taking its therapeutic properties through supplementation. There are also those who believe that the spice is as effective as some pharmaceutical drugs, and there is a chance they are not mistaken.

Studies find turmeric to be superior to ten medications. In Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine, the spice had been used for thousands of years in fighting a range of conditions. Today, it is popularly taken in a form of supplementation.

"Curcumin, which is a phytochemical found in turmeric, is believed to be responsible of the spice's therapeutic benefits," said Divine Bounty spokesperson, Melissa Scott.

Curcumin is the spice's renowned healing compound. It contains therapeutic ingredients that include the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties. Curcumin's healing properties are thought to be effective in fighting and reversing a range of preventable and fatal ailments.

Currently there are 6,235 peer-reviewed articles that provide some information about the benefits of the spice. The spice is even on top of the list of the most frequently mentioned medicinal herbs.

According to research, turmeric is more superior to ten pharmaceutical drugs. These medications are anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant drugs as well as anti-coagulants. It is also thought to be superior to steroids, pain killers and medications used for chemotherapy, diabetes, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and cholesterol.

There are studies that demonstrate how turmeric is more superior to these pharmaceutical medications, especially in reversing diseases. One of the best benefits of using the spice is that its use is not associated with the side effects linked with medications.

For individuals who are suffering from arthritis, for instance, they are always looking for pain relief in order to function normally on a daily basis. To get relief, they typically use pain management drugs. However, the use of these medications has been associated with a range of side effects.

More and more arthritis sufferers feel the need to find a safer alternative to pain relief drugs, especially that there condition may require constant and long-term use of the medications. It is believed that those who use these medications on a long-term basis are more likely to suffer from side effects.

Curcumin supplements have become a safer alternative to pain relief drugs. It is not just safe to use, but it also thought to provide anti-inflammatory effects inside the body. This is believed to be extremely helpful since arthritis often cause inflammation and pain (

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