Studies Say Water Quality in Hospitals Is 'Of Great Importance'


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/18/2016 -- A report by EMH Magazine, an information website under the European Medical Hygiene provided details on why water quality is an important factor in hospitals.

"Water quality in hospitals is of great importance as the water carries a microbiological risk and it is, therefore, an important issue of hospital infection control. This risk relates to numbers of microorganisms and the presence of specific pathogens, which can cause nosocomial infection, such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa," the website stated in the article.

As discussed, monitoring the water safety and quality should be an effort by both the health care practitioners and the patients. This is because of the health risks that are involved, especially for the patients.

EMH Magazine noted that the risks are encountered by patients more than the health care workers. Contamination is still present, as well as the "cost of rectifying the contamination within the water system."

Water has many uses in hospital facilities. Among the uses are in hemodialysis procedures, clean sterilizer reuse, cleaning of surgical instruments and decontaminating washers. Water is also used for other purposes such as floor cleaning, food preparation, and bathroom services.

"Water presents a 'dual problem' because it not only provides a medium for microorganisms to grow, it is also easily spread and contamination can pass over large areas through the spread of water droplets and via aerosols," the website further noted.

Should hospitals have TDS meters to test the water quality in their systems? Absolutely.

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