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Studio 2G Architects Win the 2012 USGBC4 Green Hospitality and Tourism Award


San Luis Obispo, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2013 -- Since the day Studio 2G opened for business, the firm’s architects have worked hard to transform their field into something that combines beauty and sustainability.

This on-going commitment to sustainable architecture recently led Studio 2G to being named as the winner of a prestigious honor. The firm, which is based in San Luis Obispo, Calif., won the 2012 USGBC4 Green Hospitality and Tourism award for their design of a new LEED Gold Certified winery.

The owners of Shale Oak Winery wanted their facility to blend in with the beautiful scenery that surrounds it, while also having virtually no impact on the surrounding environment. They contacted the team of experienced architects at Studio 2G, who got to work designing a winery and tasting room where daylight is the main source of lighting, rooftop solar panels provide electricity, native plants are used in landscaping, and a reclaimed water system helps to replenish ground water and cool the environment.

For example, the extensive rain and production water harvesting system cleans and filters water using bioswales, reverse osmosis, and a fountain. That water is then used to flush toilets and water the winery’s native landscaping. In addition, redwood has been reclaimed from the demolition of an old facility at Vandenberg Air Force Base and used on both the interior and exterior cladding of the buildings.

After the project at Shale Oak Winery was complete, the results were so impressive that Studio 2G was nominated for and ultimately named the winner of the recent award.

Specializing in both commercial projects and residential design, the architects from Studio 2G make every effort to spread the word about green design, green building materials, and a green lifestyle.

“By designing efficiently we can reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions globally, the amount of waste associated with our profession, and prolong the use of remaining natural resources,” an article on the firm’s website noted, adding that Studio 2G’s goal is to deliver the highest level of project management and design service to meet the objectives of its clients while striving for environmentally responsible buildings that are indicative of local climate, culture, and community.

Anybody who is interested in learning more about the Studio 2G is welcome to visit the firm’s user-friendly website. There, they can view photos of current and recent projects, as well as read about the other awards the firm has received.

About Studio 2G
From its outset, Studio 2G has actively strived to create meaningful and distinctive architecture. With an office team of diverse individuals, the firm has the skill set to generate unique outlooks and innovative solutions that contribute to the overall quality of design produced. Dedicated to providing a quality product, Studio 2G finds a harmonious balance between design aesthetic, client intention, the workings of the built world, and an understanding of its relationship to the natural environment. As responsible environmental stewards, the firm incorporates energy modeling, day-lighting analysis, passive systems, and sustainable strategies into its work. For more information, please visit http://studio-2g.com

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