Studio 36 West

Studio 36 West Jewelry Photography Studio Opens in Manhattan's Diamond District

Studio 36 West serves the Diamond District as a full-service jewelry photography, jewelry video and web design studio.


Manhattan, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2012 -- When jewelry retailers want to sell jewelry online their success depends on finding the best product photographers. Any photographer won’t do as jewelry photography requires special training and techniques. “Jewelry photography is especially challenging because jewelry reflects the surrounding environment,” Studio 36 West owner Canaan Albright explains. “Our company has made a name for itself because we are experts in the highly specialized field of jewelry photography.”

In response to the growing demand for jewelry photographers, Canaan and his brother Jordan Albright built Studio 36 West in the heart of New York’s famous Diamond District. Canaan and Jordan have over 7 years experience satisfying jewelry retailers’ needs. “We really try to listen to the customers’ preferences. We have a lot of tools at our disposal to satisfy the diverse demands of the jewelry industry,” Canaan says. “The diamond district is known for its variations of white diamonds but there also pink, blue, yellow champagne and chocolate diamond colors,” Jordan explains. “What many people don’t realize is that there are also companies in the Diamond District who sell pearls, sapphires, rubies as well as semi precious stones like amethyst, citrine and aquamarine. We can photograph all types of jewelry as well as produce great jewelry video,” Jordan notes.

For Canaan and Jordan, photography is only one half of the equation. Studio 36 West does all of its own jewelry photography retouching. As Canaan explains, “We use Adobe Photoshop to make sure the end product we produce not only looks good but accurately describes the piece of jewelry we have photographed. We work hands on with the customers to make 100% sure that they are satisfied.”

Many of Studio 36 West’s retail customers sell on, and Ebay. Each ecommerce site has different specifications for their product photography. Currently, most major retailers require a white background and a minimum image size. Studio 36 West makes it their job to stay updated on the latest requirements allowing jewelers to spend more time making jewelry and less time worrying about image specifications.

“Our website ( attracts jewelers from all over the world. We also shoot for catalogs as well as print and digital advertizing campaigns. The customers we work with are not only in the Diamond District, but all over the US, Canada, Israel, and Antwerp,” Canaan adds.

About Studio 36 West
Studio 36 West, (, based in New York, NY, serves several luxury industries as a full-service photography, video and web design studio located in Midtown New York City's Diamond District. We understand the unique challenges of marketing and selling jewelry both online and in print. We have the experience that immediately puts your company on a successful sales trajectory.