Study Does Not Support Stretching to Prevent Injury Proved Erroneous


Long Island City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2012 -- Brad Walker understands elite athletic training, having coached various athletes for competitions such as triathlon, squash and baseball.

“I have done quite a bit with many different types of athletes.  All were high-performing, elite class athletes as well,” said Walker.

USA Track and Field did a study some time back, and found there was no direct correlation between stretching and injury risk before exercising.

The study took a few runners, had them do some elementary stretches and then after three months concluded that stretching does not significantly reduce injury-risk.

“When I am asked about stretching before exercise, I do admit that doing a few random stretches before exercise will not prevent a sports injury.  The evidence supports this fact,” Walker continued.

What the scientific study does not discuss, Walker expounds upon by saying, “Improved flexibility over the long term does reduce your chances of a sports injury; while doing a few simple stretches before exercising will not.  This is the shortcoming of the study.”

This is where Walker and his programs assist athletes.  His stretching and flexibility training assist athletes in improving performance and lessening the likelihood of an injury.

“My programs are simple: I design a flexibility training program where the athlete is first assessed for weaknesses, imbalances and areas of their game or performance where flexibility is important and needs to be improved.  Then, we design a custom, tailored program that is applied over the long term, not just before competition” Walker continued.

Walker’s system helps athletes recover quickly from workouts, injuries and fatigue from training and competition.  The faster an athlete recovers, the quicker they can be back in competition.

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