Study Linking Soda and Depression May Be Meaningless, Explains Why


Fresno, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2013 -- Recently, a study by American Academy of Neurology showed a connection between consumption of sweetened beverages with the risk of depression. The study showed that all these sodas including the regular ones, diet sodas, fruit punches etc, all carry high risk of depression. 263,925 were interviewed between 1995 and 1996. 10 years later they were asked if they had been diagnosed with depression since the year 2000.

Ever thought that this all might be bogus? Some people might not believe this conclusion. But it’s true. It is just a minor part of a research, major part is still left. Are there likely more chances of people believing in it? Yes, though they have not been made clear on some facts.

It appears that people who are weight obsessed are initially depressed so there depression cannot be linked with sodas. And people who drink diet soda will ultimately be depressed. Who wishes to survive on diet sodas anyway?

The one common ingredient between all types of soda and fruit punch is sugar. However, diet soda doesn’t contain sugar. Therefore, the higher risk of depression cannot possibly be due to the content of the drink. Any claim like this can only be concluded as bad research and nothing more or less. Depression causes normal people to think that they’re fat, so diet drinks are their only option. Depression also causes people not to do much work, so drinking more beverages out of sheer boredom is the best time pass.

Interestingly, if more attention is paid on the heading of this research, it brings a new thought in mind that ‘Linking’ doesn’t mean causation of something. It means correlation which is entirely different from diet soda and depression. This diet soda study seems like a trick scientists are trying to play with normal human minds.

Linking sugar and depression brings another thing to our mind. The study states that people should drink more coffee which has reverse effect from soda. Not everyone in this world loves unsweetened coffee. Some people might like to drink sweetened coffee. So how can this not be linked to depression?

The statement towards the end of the study that more research is needed is as catchy as the headline. It was all a game played with human minds. It seems like a different study of deception which finds out the number of people who get attracted to catchy headlines like this one.

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Danny Woolard
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