Study Provides Good News for the 2 Billion People Infected with Tuberculosis


Sarasota, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- Miraculous Results for Patients with HIV and Tuberculosis reported in a Study Underway In Ukraine Using a Complex Homeopathic Known as ENERCEL®

When asked how the study is progressing the doctors reported “The results are Fantastic!”

The information obtained from this study has far reaching implications in the battle to control Tuberculosis, which remains one of the leading causes of death worldwide. In 2010, nearly 9 million new cases were reported. The highest numbers of deaths occur in patients with co-infection of HIV and Tuberculosis.

Currently, the prescribed treatment follows The World Health Organization’s DOTS (directly observed treatment, short course) and has definitely improved results. However, because it requires the patient to take a complex combination of pills every day for 6-9 months; a healthcare provider to supervise the treatment during that time; the fact that the patient can experience significant side effects while taking this medication many patients end the treatment prematurely. These complexities lead to failed treatments and the greater danger of developing multiple drug resistant strains of Tuberculosis because patients stop taking the medicine and then start taking it again.

It is due to these problems that The World Health Organization and many large foundations are focusing on developing treatment regimens that are shorter and easier to implement, and the treatment and reduction of HIV infections. Imagine the implications of a product that can be used to ameliorate both a viral and bacterial disease without adverse side effects and reduced treatment times!

The aim of the study is to evaluate Enercel®’s efficacy treating patients with co-infections of Tuberculosis and HIV at Regional AntiTuberculosis Hospital in Chernigov, Ukraine. Specifically, to evaluate improved immune system function (by measuring T-helper or CD4 cells); lessen or eliminate the amount of HIV virus in the bloodstream (HIV viral load); and to verify the elimination of Tuberculosis in the lungs (sputum AFB smears and cultures).

Three groups were formed and established as follows:

Group #1: Enercel® plus standard TB treatment, NO antiretroviral medications (AVR)

Group #2: Enercel® plus standard TB treatment and ARV (antiretroviral medication).

Group #3: No Enercel® standard TB treatment and ARVs.

All patients were evaluated by sputum AFB smears and culture, HIV viral load (VL) and CD4 count. Quality-of-Life (QOL) is assessed on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 being severe incapacitation and 0 being perfect health. Toxicity is monitored by biochemistry panels and complete blood counts.

These are the results after 3 months into the study:

Group # 1
- 100% of the patients treated with Enercel® became AFB-smear negative indicating elimination of Tuberculosis in the lungs according to the 2 month progress report.

- QOL scores improved from a mean of 44.9 at baseline to 18.75 at 3 months (with lower numbers meaning better general health).

- CD4 counts improved from a baseline mean value of 238.75 to a mean value of 312.52 cells/mm3 after 3 months (indicating an improved immune system).

- Mean viral load (MVL) counts decreased from a baseline of 531,242 to 41,851 copies/ml at 3 months (meaning a significant drop [78%] in the amount of HIV particles in the bloodstream).

Control Group #2
- Both control patients on ARV + Enercel® had very rapid responses (all patients on Enercel® became AFB-smear negative indicating elimination of Tuberculosis in the lungs at 2 months [from 2 month progress report])

- One Patient had CD4 count of 87 and a Viral Load (VL) 630,073 at baseline had improved to a CD4 count of 338 cells/mm3 and VL <40 copies/ml at 2 months.

- Another patient had a CD4 count 438 and VL of 5,192,532 at baseline. He improved to CD4 count 788 cells/mm3 and VL <40 copies/ml at 2 months.

Control Group #3
- One control patient on ARV alone had no detectable HIV particles in the blood, but his CD4 count did not change [baseline 28 and after 3 months it was 29 cells/mm3]. Consequently, his AFB smear, which was negative at baseline, became positive at 3 months.

- Similarly, the second control patient had undetectable viral load, but his CD4 count did not change [140 at baseline and 152 after 2 months]. He developed a high fever and unfortunately died after 2 ½ months.

It should be noted here that 6 patients were evaluated and not enrolled into the study because of various exclusion criteria (including continuing alcohol and/or drug abuse) and all 6 have died during the initial 3 months of the study.

It was concluded from the trials objective findings that Enercel® is effective in eliminating Tuberculosis in the lungs with a very short treatment regime.

Enercel® is a safe, low-cost, homeopathic medication that has shown preliminary efficacy in the management of HIV infection associated with Tuberculosis.

The Immune system function was improved, HIV in the bloodstream was markedly reduced and Tuberculosis was eliminated in the lungs.

Analysis of control patients suggest that anti-retroviral medications are effective in reducing viral load in patients with very low CD4 counts, but they remain at risk for opportunistic infections and/or have a delayed or absent rise in CD4 count.

Most importantly the addition of Enercel®results in a rapid elimination of viral particles in the bloodstream and swift reconstitution of the immune system in patients with HIV and TB co-infections.

These results are particularly noteworthy for the following reasons:

1) Co-infection with TB and HIV is much more difficult to treat than either infection alone.

2) This is the first study to show that a single medication [Enercel®] is able to effectively treat both a severe viral [HIV] and bacterial [TB] infection simultaneously.

3) Each enrolled patient had Clinical Stage 4 HIV/AIDS-- the most severe stage and the most difficult to treat with standard therapy alone.

4) Elimination of TB from the lungs in a short time period will have a tremendous economic impact as well as reducing the chances of multiple drug resistant strains of Tuberculosis.

The study is ongoing with newly enrolled patients into the study—each of which is taking Enercel® only for HIV.

The study suggests that Enercel® can eliminate TB in as little as 10 to 30 days instead of 6-9 months; resulting in a huge savings in the cost of treatment not only for the state (many countries have government programs funded to control TB) but also for the patient. Without the fear of spreading TB, patients can return to life with their family and friends and get back to work while enjoying the benefit of an improved quality of life.

W.H.A.T.’s mission is to make this valuable product available worldwide to all that desire a safe and effective solution to chronic illness and a pathway to a healthy life. We are getting closer to our goal every day.

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