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Study Shows Health Habit Misconceptions


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2013 -- Old wives tales are commonly recommended for a variety of life experiences, and attempting to boost health and increase overall wellness is not exempt from some common misconceptions. While the tips below may seem like gospel, much of it is hearsay and can be disregarded in ones efforts to become healthier.

While it is common recommendation to avoid food consumption after 8PM, this isn’t a necessity for better health. Calories have no concept of time and are the same no matter when they are consumed. Trying to sleep on an empty stomach can actually disrupt healthy sleep patterns, and lead to mindless eating during the time when one should be sleeping. Instead of resisting, try consuming a protein-rich snack prior to sleep for fullness and for more energy upon waking.

Flus and colds are an inevitable part of life, and the tale we’ve been told is to feed a fever and starve a cold. Both actions are important, but when recovering from either it’s more important to stay hydrated than focus on calorie consumption. Chicken soup has been proven to alleviate symptoms of colds and flus, but the best step to take is plenty of rest and hydration to enable the body to fight off the virus.

A theory popularized by fad diets encourages some to stay away from all types of carbohydrates, or to reduce protein intake due to risk of harm to the body. Neither of these will increase wellness. The best approach to nutrition is balance: balance of complex carbohydrates including fruits and certain breads, consumption of vegetables, and adequate protein intake are all things that will increase wellness and control body weight.

Extreme measures for any health tactic are never the best approach. Balance and paying attention to the individual needs of one’s body are the best ways to stay healthy, active, and improve wellness over the course of life.

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