Study Shows the Custom Phone Case Is the Latest in-Thing


Santa Cruz, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2014 -- Everyone seems to have a mobile phone these days, so what will separate one from the others? Well, how about you design your own phone case? And based on the opinion polls and surveys, this is indeed the next big thing in the mobile phone industry.

In interviews with the major players in the mobile device industry, they all agree that customized phone cases appeal to a wide sector. There’s no question that apart from functionality, consumers desire personality and individuality for their gadgets, and a 3D phone case is certainly one way to achieve this.

Today people download wallpapers, screen savers, ring tones and themes to personalize a mobile phone, so the case is a natural extension. But that’s not all as the field offers other possibilities.

One person knowledgeable in the industry says that customized phone cases provide artists with the opportunity to unleash their creative side. In short, it represents an opportunity to showcase one’s artistic skills and even profit from it. However, it isn’t just artists who can profit from it, as it can help companies too.

A business survey was recently conducted which indicates that companies continue to look for ways to increase brand awareness, and one of the most ideal solutions is to imprint a logo on customized phone case.

With everyone wanting their own custom phone case, Treofab issued a press statement about the expansion of their services.

According to the statement, they now offer 3D printed logos and images on cases, and that’s only the beginning, a Treofab representative promises.

About Treofab
Treofab is a new company that offers customized mobile phone designs for individuals, companies and businesses. Offering custom made cases with a few mouse clicks, they also offer a platform for artists to showcase their skills.

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