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Study Suggests That Traditional Cigarettes Are Cheaper Than Electronic Cigarettes in a Number of Countries


Oldham, Manchester -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/28/2016 -- Although e-cigarettes are tax advantaged products, a recent study suggests that in many countries across the world vaping is actually more expensive than that of heavily taxed tobacco cigarettes. In fact, in an enormous 44 out of the 45 countries involved in this research, it is possible to purchase traditional cigarettes for cheaper than that of e-cigarettes.

The University of Michigan and the American Cancer Society compared the cost of combustible cigarettes against the two main types of e-cigarette (disposable and rechargeable) and found that on average combustible options can be purchased for around half of the price of electronic choices.

This data has shocked many across the globe as frequently claimed in the media and scientific literature are bold statements warning that e-cigarettes are a cheap alternative to combustible cigarettes - with intentions to sway people away from the idea of vaping.

A spokesperson from UK e-cigarette provider iBreathe was keen to comment on this study and had this to say:

"Although vaping might be initially a little more expensive, in the long run it allows you to quit smoking completely and in-turn save an abundance of money – not to mention the health benefits of vaping over using traditional cigarettes. Vaping deserves a lot more positive attention than it's currently receiving, as it has already assisted many in giving up smoking completely, and there's no doubt that it will help so many more too."

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