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Studying Abroad? Take Advantage of These Packing Tips


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2016 -- When opting to study abroad, many people can find packing incredibly difficult, not knowing what to take with them and what to leave at home. Confused and unsure, a lot of people often pack things unnecessarily and as a result end up taking up precious packing space and as a result not packing vital things which are going to be needed. Because of this London removals company Top Removals have recently compiled these tops tips for all to take advantage of:

- Be sure not to over pack clothes. Whilst ensuring an outfit is packed for all occasions and possible weather conditions, be careful not to pack too much. A good idea is to lay down anything that you would like to take, and then half it. When moving to other countries many people opt to purchase clothes there and fit in with the locals. Clothes also make great souvenirs upon returning home.

- If not staying in university accommodation whilst abroad and instead staying with a relative, friend or anyone else be sure to take a nice gift for them. Not only will it be greatly appreciated but it will ensure that on your return you have space for presents and anything that has been accumulated.

- Do not take food with you, however nice the thought of having favourite comfort foods may be, you will be presented with great alternatives and open up packing room for more important things.

- When packing clothing, rolling is the best technique, not only does it save space but it also deters creasing.

A spokesperson from Top Removals was keen to comment saying, "These of course are only some of our top tips, more can be found on our website. For those planning on studying in Europe we also offer international removals services which can be highly advantageous and affordable – as we are able to transport larger amounts of possessions in one journey and allow people to travel stress-free."

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