Regalo Manila

Stuffed Toy Slippers Now Sold in Regalo Manila


Quezon City, NCR -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2014 -- The stuffed toy companies are continuously evolving. Along with the massive change in the texture of stuffed toys comes new products that are more colorful and versatile. Thus, the stuffed toy slipper is born and it is now sold in Regalo Manila's online shop.

Regalo Manila is an online gift shop that sends gifts and other items to different areas in the Philippines. They are an online gift shop because the senders are mostly from other countries while the recipients are in the Philippines. This means that they accept foreign currency as they process orders on the local level.

The release of stuffed toy slippers on Regalo Manila's selection shows two things: (1) The stuffed toy industry is continuously changing and is now introducing an assortment of products aside from simple stuffed toys and (2) Regalo Manila is also continuously expanding their array of products to assist their customers.

According to the company owner, it is his endeavor to provide just about anything that his clients may need. This way, they can feel as if they are close to their loved ones in the Philippines. From flowers and chocolates to an assortment of food items, Regalo Manila makes sure that they have it in their selection. With this, they can give their customers as much variety as possible.

Regalo Manila hopes that the new items will not only catch their client’s discriminating eyes but will also make their overall shopping experience on the website a worthwhile activity. After all, assortment always adds some fun to shopping as it is in shopping malls. But while Regalo Manila does not aim to be an online shopping mall, they still aim to provide as much of a variety to their clients as they can by continuously introducing new items to the company’s selection.