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Evanston, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/07/2018 -- One of the keys to hosting overnight guests and hassle-free Fourth of July celebrations is to avoid messy and embarrassing plumbing disasters.

The skilled and experienced technicians at American Vintage Home have seen it all and fixed it all when it comes to plumbing repairs in Oak Park, IL, and throughout the Chicago North Shore area.

As a result, the folks at American Vintage Home know a thing or two about preparing for Fourth of July and other summer celebrations. It's not just about stocking up on burgers, hot dogs, buns and fixings. And there's more to it than cleaning the house and tidying up the yard. Plumbing concerns need to be addressed, too. Here are just a few helpful tips to avoid (or cope with) plumbing disasters:

Pledge allegiance to the garbage disposal. Far too many families use their garbage disposals as waste cans. This is a sure-fire way to clog up the works and face a major mess. Avoid putting items such as grease, potato peels, celery, lettuce, pasta, coffee, rice or any fibrous foods into the disposal. It is more challenging for the blades to grind up these items, increasing the likelihood of clogs and blockages. Never place bones or large volumes of food in the disposal, either. Always keep the water running while the disposal is in operation. And show it some tender loving care by occasionally "feeding" it ice cubes (to sharpen the blades) and lemon peel (to remove odors).

Salute the icemaker. One of the busiest machines in a household in the summer, especially during parties, is the icemaker. If it stops working, check to make sure the water is flowing properly and there are no bends or kinks in the tubing. If the problem can't be identified and fixed, American Vintage Home can help. A trusted team member is just a phone call away. (It's also a good idea to keep a few bags of ice on hand so party guests don't run out.)

Declare independence from toilet troubles. Remind guests that paper towels, baby wipes and feminine hygiene products should never be flushed down the toilet. If a clog occurs, make sure to shut off the water valve behind the toilet to prevent the toilet from overflowing. Use a plunger to try to remove the clog. If that fails, American Vintage Home is ready to come to the rescue.

Liberate the hot water. Overnight guests can be a major drain on the hot water—literally. Allow at least 15 minutes between showers to allow for ample hot water.

Show respect to the gas line. When using outdoor kitchen areas or grills that attach to gas lines, double check (and triple check) to make sure the gas line is safe and in good working order.

If plumbing issues do crop up that can't be managed, don't panic. American Vintage Home is equipped to tackle any problem, including sewer line repair in Oak Park, IL. This trusted company offers 24/7 service to deal with the most urgent concerns. To learn more about American Vintage Home's wide range of services, quality products, money-saving deals and financing packages, call 847.999.4595 or visit the company's website.

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American Vintage Home has been serving the Chicago North Shore for decades and understands the needs and concerns associated with older and newer homes. It has assembled a team of experts in cooling, heating, indoor air quality, plumbing and sewer services. Known as the "Older Home Experts," American Vintage Home is committed to boosting comfort without compromising an older home's architecture.