Stun Guns Security Weapon: Pack a Punch Against Criminals


San Angelo, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2013 -- Security of our family, friends and close ones is the prime subject of concern. With the increasing graph of crime in the society; it becomes a must to be prepared for the misfortune. Children, Women and senior citizens are the most common as well as the easy target for the criminals.

We hear uncountable news subjected to rape, kidnapping, theft and murder every day. It is true that the government is taking necessary steps in dealing with the issue but we can’t rely utterly on that. It is a common saying that ‘Precaution is better than cure’ and we really need to be careful regarding the security concern.

To provide an efficient safety weapon for the common people; engineers had introduce the innovative concept of ‘Stun Gun’. Stun gun is an effective electro shock weapon which is aimed to affect the muscle function of the target. The compact dimension and light weight of this device makes it an easy to carry. There are different types of Stun Guns available in the market. To give a better spotlight on these defense weapons; I had listed a few down:

Stun Master
Stun Master Stun Gun is the most popular name among the niche. It is an effective tool that needs to be touched to the attacker in order to give him an electric shock of 5-10miliamps. This device is rechargeable and generally inexpensive.

Teasers are another innovative entry in the world of Stun Guns. Teasers are actually those genres of stun guns which can be used from a distance. These provide much more safeguard as the victim doesn’t need to be close to the attacker.

Flashlight Stun Gun
Flashlight Stun Guns are the sort of Stun Guns which are incorporated with a flash light. These devices can be used as a flash light and a defense product as well.

Cell Phone Stun Guns
Stun guns are noticeable and the civilians can’t carry it in hand. To solve this hassle; Cell Phone stun guns were introduced in the market. The visualization of these devices is in resemblance with that of a Cell Phone and hence makes it possible for the civilians to carry it in public places.

Cheetah Stun Guns are the most compact devices in the class. They can be easily carried in the pocket or the bag. These stun guns come with safety switch and replaceable battery.

On the Conclusion Note
If you think that ‘I can’t be a victim! Why should I care’ then it is really a must for you to hear the tragic story of those who suffered. Crime never gives an informing call and hence we need to be alert and prepared every time.

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