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Stunning Debut Novel Imagines Pre-War Europe Through the Eyes of a Gifted Medium

Written by Kay Illingworth, ‘Immaculate Connection’ is a tour de force – an inventive and vibrantly detailed first novel that already has fans clamouring for a sequel.


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2014 -- The past, present and future collide with devastating and life-changing results in ‘Immaculate Connection’, and that’s just the way the author likes it.

A Doctor of Metaphysics, Kay Illingworth has always been captivated by Time and its many forms, and chose to explore the vast and vivid world of spirituality, reincarnation and communication with the dead in her debut work.

Hailed by readers as “unique” and “fascinating”, ‘Immaculate Connection’ is the spellbinding tale of Maggie, a medium in pre-war Europe during the 1930s. Bullied and abused by her husband, Maggie embarks on a scandalous and passionate affair with the village priest and eventually becomes pregnant with his child.

Traveling from Ireland to France, Maggie puts her son up for adoption, and so her journey into her past life – and future purpose – begins.


Maggie is a gifted medium. She has been communicating with the dead for as far back as she can remember, but her gift doesn't stop at one world. Maggie can tap into countless other existences, which she chooses to ignore. Under the surface, Maggie is aware of her own identity, but refuses to acknowledge who she really is.

She resigns herself to a life of misery with Patrick, her bullying husband. But Maggie's life spirals out of control when she becomes pregnant by David O'Sullivan, the village priest. David arranges for Maggie to leave her native Ireland, give birth in France, and have the child adopted. While in France, Maggie is pulled into a past life, which reveals the nature of the soul group she belongs to, as well as her life purpose, and it terrifies her. The child she carries is no ordinary child. Aedan is born with incredible powers that will one day be able to fight demons. The setting for this stunning novel is in the 1930s, but there are also past lives and futures at play in Immaculate Connection.

As Illingworth explains, readers have contacted her to tell her how moved they’ve been by Maggie’s voyage through life.

“There is no greater compliment you can receive as an author,” she says. “When I created Maggie, I knew I wanted her to be more than just a cookie-cutter character. Sometimes we have the tendency to look at the past through a black and white lens – and my wish was to bring it to startling and colorful life. Maggie has desires and flaws just like any other woman, but of course – she has one special, and terrifying talent.”

Continuing, “She has been communicating with the dead for as far back as she can remember, and she quickly learns that the child she carries isn’t ordinary. The baby is born with astounding powers that will one day be used to fight off demons and protect the earth from encroaching darkness. It’s a multifaceted and entertaining story, and I feel the possibilities are endless – that’s why I’m hard at work on a sequel – the readers demanded it!”

Since its release, ‘Immaculate Connection’ has enjoyed a myriad of glowing reviews from readers and earned a five star rating on Amazon.

“I have finished reading Immaculate Connection. What a fascinating book. The description of the experiences of past lives on other dimensions was so descriptive. The book is very well written with wonderful information weaved through the lives of Maggie and the others. I loved the storyline where relationships continue through lifetimes when there is unfinished business such as resentment and un-forgiveness. There is definitely another book to be written to continue the fascinating war between the light and dark,” wrote Terry.

Christina Drummond was equally as impressed, writing: “This is not a cosy package of boy-meets-girl with an overlay of a past life to solve the present-day problems; it’s a story resplendent with humour, scandal and passion. As someone would have to say who lived during the years in which the story is set, A ripping yarn!”

Calling the book, “imaginative”, Louise Bertram wrote: “I had a difficult time putting this book down. I was fascinated at the way the story unfolded, very entertaining.”

‘Immaculate Connection’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1opQgLL

About Kay Illingworth
Kay Illingworth is writing the sequel to her debut novel Immaculate Connection. She grew up in Manchester, England, and now resides with her husband and children in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. http://sbpra.com/KayIllingworth