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Stunning Memoir OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE by Anthony Russell Will Be Released Soon for Readers

This book depicts the life of Anthony Russell growing up as a child at Leeds Castle


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2013 -- OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE Growing Up at Leeds Castle is a new book that has been introduced to readers by Anthony Russell. Through this memoir, the author intends to take everyone on a journey to his childhood, to show how he grew up at the famous Leeds Castle. Only a few people can imagine growing up in luxurious houses and apartments; Anthony Russell led an unusual life as a child because he was in the serenity of the British Isles’ most popular castle. His grandmother left him with that beautiful legacy, and he has tried to improve himself upon that treasure by means of human values and different interests. Through the book OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE, Anthony Russell seeks to illustrate the choice he had between ‘the castle way and real world life’.

One of the readers of OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE, Bevis Hillier, author of Art Deco Style, says, “It takes time for a book to be accepted as a classic, but I am sure Anthony Russell’s will be.”

OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE Growing Up at Leeds Castle has already received a number of top rated reviews from eminent personalities. This book can be now purchased online from the website and pre-order prints are available through Books.A.Million, Powell’s Books, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Amazon and Indie Bound. In addition, the pre-order e-book can be downloaded from Amazon Kindle and Apple iTunes. Readers will get to know the feelings, emotions and attitude of the author while living in spectacular luxury. Every contradiction is stated in a clear and comprehensive way in order to make the readers stick with him throughout the journey.

The author writes, “Growing up with Leeds Castle as my second home, the other being my parents’ well-staffed five-story house on Egerton Terrace, in Knightsbridge, London, had the less than desirable effect of effortlessly rendering me more spoiled than a Buckingham Palace corgi before I understood the meaning of the word.”

The author of OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE Anthony Russell has a passion for music as well. He clearly expresses his interest for music in this book, and all readers can join the Facebook page of this author to watch the music video ‘I’m In Love With The Band’, written and composed by Anthony Russell himself.

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About Anthony Russell
Anthony Russell is a writer who lives in Los Angeles. His memoir OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE Growing Up at Leeds Castle will be published in the USA and the UK in November 2013. This book depicts his experiences behind the castle walls and also his passion for music .. and how both changed his life forever.

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