Style Caster Shares Tips on Maintaining Good Skin pH


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2016 -- People might ask, if pH levels are factors that either cause good or bad skin, is there a way to maintain a good skin? Website Style Caster shared important tips on how people can keep a healthy skin, in relation to the pH levels of skin care products.

"Did you ever wonder why a certain skin care product that everyone raves about is either so-so on you, or worse – causes blemishes, breakouts and dull skin?" Style Caster asked. "Much like dating, sometimes a product can be great but not a great fit for you. A big reason for this is pH level."

First, the website advised that people should avoid soap cleansers. The reason for this? Soap cleansers are too alkaline for the skin.

"Soap strips your skin of dirt and oil, which is great, but it also strips your skin of the natural oils needed for moisture. The most alkaline products are used for serious de-greasing and cleaning," the website noted.

Experts from the website also reminded everyone to get easy on using peeling products. They tend to be overly acidic and can remove the natural glow of the skin.

How HealthyWiser's pH test strips can help

The HealthyWiser pH test strips provide an easier way for people to monitor the pH levels of products. They can simply dip the strip over a small portion of the skin care product. The strips will change in color depending on the pH level of the skin care product. Using the strips, they can always get quicker and more reliable results.

Style Caster also noted that the skin has to be on the slightly acidic range to be called healthy. In order to avoid skin damage from pollution and sun's rays, it is important that one can make sure that the skin is at the "naturally slightly acidic pH level." Measuring the pH level of the skin care product before using it can contribute greatly to maintaining a good skin.

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