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Style Segment Publishes New Hair and Makeup Tips to Help Individuals Find Their Style

Style Segment is a website dedicated to editorializing the latest trends and fashion news, and has published new helpful articles on hair and makeup styles to enhance particular traits.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2014 -- Style is a discipline that uses the products of multiple industries to create a sense of self expression. From the raw materials of clothing, hair, make-up and accessories, individuals can begin to compose a look that says something about who they are. Style Segment is a website that is dedicated to covering each of these different elements in detail so that individuals looking on the site can find the maximum inspiration when it comes to collating pieces to inform their style. The site has recently published new editorials on hair styles and makeup designed to enhance features unique to the person.

The editorials include make up tips for those with brown eyes (here), which includes preferred shades for bringing out the many varieties of brown eye, depending on the person. It also includes guidance on how to apply these shades in novel and unexpected ways, together with high quality imagery.

The site has also published as breakdown of haircuts for oval faces, which gets specific about the types of haircut that really suit certain face types and those that will actually work against the natural lines of the face and clash with an individual’s look instead of heightening it.

A spokesperson for Style Segment explained, “Though trends obviously create some degree of uniformity, especially within the groups of people who really follow them closely, style is about elevating the trend through the unique choices each person makes for themselves. We have created these new guides because we do not live in a one size fits all world- we don’t do it for dresses, so why do it for hair and make-up? Now, we offer a variety of styles that bring out the best in each individual, while still being up to date.”

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