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Subject Seduction Offers Free E Book That Reveals the Biggest Secret to Seducing Women

Subject Seduction has created a free e-book which can be downloaded from their website that reveals the number one secret to female seduction.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2014 -- Seduction, like a magic trick, only works when people don’t know it’s happening. Women are so familiar with crude attempts at seduction that they are rightfully tired of these obvious attempts of manipulation. These attempts are touted by many so-called alphas that see interpersonal relationships as a competition and seduction as a puzzle. Subject Seduction approaches things differently, helping men find true confidence in themselves that radiates. It helps them establish empathy and understanding with women without losing the sense of anticipation and discovery that makes seduction exciting.

The site has just released a free to download e-book which contains the number one secret to seducing a woman. It has been so successful that men can use it again and again, but may not want or need to once they have truly connected to a woman and changed her life.

The seduction manual extends far beyond how to attract women and looks at how to keep them interested, with dating tips for men that help to sustain developed relationships and get the very best out of each encounter. The guide shares how to attend to a woman’s needs and desires to ensure she keeps coming back for more.

A spokesperson for Subject Seduction explained, “The free report includes everything that we have covered in blog posts on our site but with a much greater level of insight and research, explaining the processes by which certain strategies are effective so as to give men the power to create their own strategies that affect the same inherent tendencies in women. The key secret we cover however is not just how to ooze confidence or blow her mind in the bedroom, but to lay foundations that are authentic instead of manipulative, so men needn’t ‘trick’ women into bed, and instead help women find their unique selling points attractive, so men are valued for who they are.”

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Subject Seduction is a site dedicated to men everywhere who have not gotten the results they wanted with women. It teaches them from the ground up what creates attraction in a woman's mind and how to replicate it over and over again with consistent results. The site helps to build a strong foundation for a man that will make meeting and attracting women fun. For more information please visit: