Successful Kicstarter Project for the Blankillow Seeks to Reach Stretch Goal to Make Their Patent-Pending Product Even Better

Coach potatoes and road warriors alike are in for a treat thanks to the unique combination of a pillow and a blanket.


Detroit, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2014 -- Blankillow is the first hybrid of its kind consisting of three separate comfy components; the world’s softest flannel poncho blanket, a unique memory foam cushion wrapped both wrapped inside the coziest flannel pillow case.

Blankillow comes in two totally different designs following the common core concept of a blanket in a pillow. The soft plus blanket can be worn as a poncho, so the blanket will never fall off one’s shoulders while traveling. The tooth- shaped memory foam in the Travel edition of the Blankillow soothes the head, neck, and shoulder muscles encouraging relaxation while in a plane, on a train, a car or even a bus. The other edition offers similar comfort while sitting on the sofa. Its compact design keeps messes at bay thanks to the all-on-one design that stores the pillow the blanket in the pillow itself cutting down on clutter.

The travel Blankillow comes in a convenient travel bag easily thrown over a shoulder, worn as a backpack or even clipped onto luggage as the home Blankillow provides pure comfort while lying on the sofa gives figure-formed comfort thanks to the contour-shaped memory foam creating the perfect position to relax and relieve the head, neck, shoulders and spine.

Crowdfunding is sought to finalize product development leading the way to mass production and distribution to a broad consumer audience reaching out to people who wish to eliminate clutter and enjoy maximum comfort whether at home or on the road.

With the impressive milestone of reaching 82% of its crowdfunding goal within 48 hours, all are welcomed to back this crowdfunding project and get the Blankillow at a deep discount and keep the momentum going.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on December 3, 2014.

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About Augustine Innovation
Founder Alivia Arabo got so tired of her throw blankets making a mess and falling off her body and even her couch. Inspiration stuck when she folded it in a tiny square then placed it on the sofa, then placed a throw pillow over to cover it up leading to the concept for the Blankillow. Her and her team spent more than a year designing and redesigning it. They created the travel Blankillow almost immediately, as it would be the most convenient when on the go. Ultimately they created two specific designs; one for home and one for travel in completely different sizes and shapes.