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Successful Launch of Multiple City Private Jet Company

Abelow PR’s marketing strategies successfully lift off The Lindbergh Card


Westport, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2012 -- About a month ago, public relations firm Abelow PR held a press conference that was attended by more than forty members of the press at the Explorers Club in Manhattan, to allow people to hear a briefing on The Lindbergh Club, a recently launched private jet card. Since then, The Lindbergh Club has enjoyed a huge amount of exposure on the Wall Street Journal’s TV show, The Street, as well as numerous print outlets.

Leading up to the press conference, Abelow’s staff identified key messages, trained the spokesperson Erik Lindbergh, grandson of Charles Lindbergh, drafted a comprehensive press kit and organized speeches and presentations that would adequately introduce the press and the public to the merits of The Lindbergh Card. The parent company, Air Charter Services, was exceedingly pleased with the press conference, whose chairman, Chris Leach, said, “It went off beautifully, and I am extremely pleased with the exposure.” Click on the link for more information on pr firms in NYC.

Abelow PR maintained contact with all the reporters in the few weeks immediately after the press conference, to ensure that stories made it to print. For example, the agency arranged for a leading business magazine reporter to speak with customers in order to get that perspective.

Abelow PR frequently launches new companies as they have years of experience as a premiere public relations agency because it is headquartered in the metro NY area, but has the capability to reach out across the country and get national publicity. Holding successful conferences is one of their many skill sets. Abelow PR is also known for their online PR services. For more information about Abelow PR and the successful launch of The Lindbergh Card, visit their website at http://www.abelowpr.com/, or call 203-226-9247.

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