Current Stock Market Ripe for Investing Says Experts, Free Video Seminar Gives Step By Step Method for Successful Trading

Dr. Barry Burns is currently giving away his critically acclaimed 5 part video series titled “Make Money by Breaking Every Trading Rule You Ever Learned!"


Orange Park, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/11/2011 -- In response to the recent demand for effective tips and techniques for stock market trading, Dr. Barry Burns is announcing his free 5 part video series that experts are calling “a complete reversal of conventional techniques to stock market trading.”

With the recent fluctuations in the stock market many investors think that now is not a wise time to invest. Government indecision marked with fluctuating markets has investors sitting on their capital and waiting for “things to settle down.”

But according to some of the most successful investors in the world, now is actually the perfect time to invest. Even beginners see the wisdom in buying low, and investors of all skill levels are actively searching for systems that are simple, clear, and most importantly, effective for generating profits.

Answering this recent demand, Dr. Barry Burns, who has a reputation as being one of the most knowledgeable trading instructors in the United States, is currently giving away his critically acclaimed 5 part video series titled “Make Money by Breaking Every Trading Rule You Ever Learned!"

The system, which can be watched for free on his website, literally does what the title says- it teaches investors of all skill levels how they can invest in the stock market and make profits by breaking what was once thought of as sound trading principals.

“Have you ever felt it's uncanny how the market does exactly the opposite of what it's ‘supposed to do?’ says Dr. Burns. “Professional traders know the traditional trading rules taught in books ... The rules amateurs use. The pros turn these rules upside down to make money off you.”

In his 5 part video series investors will learn fiercely guarded secrets and inside techniques such as why “the trend is NOT your friend,” why pros buy when the market is going down and sell when it is going up, and why double tops and bottoms are traps for beginners.

In addition to the video series Dr. Burns will send his students his favorite trading setups: "The Rubber Band Trade Strategy,” which alone has proved to be massively successful for his students- Even for those who are complete novices.

According to past users, the free video series clears up any doubt that Dr. Barry Burns rightfully earned his reputation as one of the most successful stock market investors in the United States. To learn more about Dr. Barry Burns, or to grab his limited time free 5 part video seminar, please visit Top Dog Trading