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Succinct Yet Complete, New Book 'This Republic' Leaves Aside Political Bias to Explain the American Government Through the Eyes of the Founding Fathers

Written by Will Butts, ‘This Republic: Illuminating Republican Government’ is the first of the author’s series of books on the history of the United States. With clear eyes and a concise style, Butts defines and describes the American Government as a republic, while offering explanations as to why that is, and what it means in present-day politics.


Quincy, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2014 -- Ask anyone on the street what a “Republic” is, or to define the word “Republican”, and they will almost certainly point to John McCain or Mitt Romney or other prominent members of the Republican Party.

In his new book, ‘This Republic: Illuminating Republican Government’, author Will Butts hopes to shed light on the subject of the United States as a ‘Republic’ and the original intent behind the Founding Fathers’ decision. Why, after all, did they not choose a democracy, an aristocracy or a monarchy, to govern the United States? Drawing heavily on the writings of John Adams, Butts explains why – and how this is relevant to the modern day political environment.

Each chapter is approximately ten pages long, but packed with original quotes, meticulous research and clear, concise language.

“Definitions of republics have been varied and all over the place,” says Butts, who is an avid historian and plans to write more books about American political history. “But John Adams boiled republican government down to the basics, and his clear views on the subject have been somewhat forgotten. So the intent of this book is to bring Adams' ideas on government back to life, for it is his ideas for the most part, that made the American government as stable and long-lasting as it has been.”

Touching on topics like the definition of a republic, the laws that govern the United States, the balance between legislative, executive and judicial powers, the liberties of American people and much more, the book is a vital snapshot of American history and an invaluable resource for anyone who has ever struggled to understand how the country came to be what it is today.

This Republic is a short but concise book which draws upon the writings of the American founding period, and extensively upon the writings of John Adams, to illuminate, or bring to light, the principles of republican government, and thus, of the American government.

For the United States is a republic, and its government is republican. But the word republican, in a governmental context, has become unfamiliar to the public, to the people, where it was once commonly used and understood.

In This Republic, a republic is defined and then compared and contrasted with other forms of government; the principles of representative government and the consent of the governed are explained; the origins of the idea of a president, a senate and a house of representatives are detailed; the importance of the separation and balance of powers is demonstrated; and how the combination of all these elements to protect and preserve the liberties of the people, is made clear.

This Republic also includes John Adams' Thoughts on Government, his advice to all the colonies on plans of government once their connections to Great Britain had become permanently severed; and the Constitution of the United States, the ultimate result of the American Revolution, a plan of government which put into action the great experiment in American self-government: a large people in a large territory governing themselves without the existence or influence of any royal or aristocratic authority.

For over two hundred years, this republican experiment in self-government, as John Adams wrote, "has completely succeeded."

Since its release, ‘This Republic: Illuminating Republican Government’ has earned a five star rating on Amazon and rave reviews.

“This short, compact book is the perfect introduction to the basis of our American Government. I especially enjoyed the thoughts on the different possibilities of government that the founders had to choose from. I would highly recommend this book to anyone!” wrote Amanda.

Calling it “the perfect educational tool”, Floyd Looney wrote: “This book leaves out any political bias and goes straight for the heart of the matter. If you know a student, an immigrant trying to understand America's founding ideals or someone who might need to know but has no attention span, this book is the answer.

‘This Republic: Illuminating Republican Government’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1edTdgl

For further information about the book, please visit the official website and the official Facebook page.

About Will Butts
Will Butts is an accountant and part-time author and publisher. Will lives in Massachusetts and plans on writing and publishing several books on the American Government.