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Sugar Land Roofing Services Launches Awareness Campaign for Roof Inspection Priority

Number One Residential Roofing Company Emphasizes Detecting Small Damages Early


Sugar Land, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2014 -- Studies indicate Texas is affected by approximately 135 tornadoes each year, which is more than twice the number reported to touch down in Oklahoma, the second hardest hit state in America. Additionally, countless severe storms push through the area annually. Among the effects of such relentless weather is an endless lineup of severely damaged homes. Having seen the destruction first hand for more than 25 years, the staff of Sugar Land Roofing Services is well aware of the resulting destruction.

With environmental factors expected to cause this number to increase over the next several decades, owner Jon Crawford has launched a campaign to increase awareness of the importance of regular inspections to ensure small issues are detected and repaired early. Says Crawford, "The roof is the most exposed part of a home and receives the brunt of abuse from storms, wind and extended exposure to heat and sunlight. Even the most durable residential roofing materials can be worn down over time, leaving the structure underneath vulnerable to a number of issues."

Crawford noted small, imperceptible leaks are often responsible for more extensive destruction than noticeable damage. While homeowners are certain to call roofing contractors for obvious damage following a storm, more minuscule leaks can go unnoticed for years. Eventually, dark stains on the ceiling tend to alert residents of the problem; however, by the time such signs become apparent, the leak has caused far more harm than meets the eye. At this point, wooden support beams are already in a state of decay, weakening the entire support system of the roof.

Depreciated structural integrity leaves the home susceptible to invasion by bats, mice, squirrels and other animals. Anything stored in the attic could be destroyed from repeated exposure to moisture. If neglected long enough, such damage can extend to the walls of the home as well as the foundation. Aside from the dangers of structural deficiency caused by decay, prolonged moisture presence may result in mold growth, which can exacerbate symptoms of allergies and asthma as well as spurring respiratory infections.

Concluded Crawford, "By having annual inspections, homeowners can be sure any small problems are caught early enough to prevent the damage from getting out of control. Prompt roof leak repair will help reduce the risk of illnesses brought on by mold and ensure the rest of the home remains unaffected by the elements. Our technicians are well aware of the challenges roofs face due to the climate in Texas, and we can provide realistic long term solutions."

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