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Sugar Outfitters Now Offering Accounting Support


Minneapolis, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2013 -- Quickbooks is by far and away the most popular accounting software for accounting professionals and small businesses. Quickbooks does not take all that long to start using, and companies find that most of the accounting issues that they need to address can be done through Quickbooks. Sugar Outfitters is pleased to announce that they can now provide accounting support and the integration of Quickbooks into a SugarCRM portal with the Quickbooks module from FBSG.

Sugar Outfitters prides itself on providing SugarCRM users with the best modules and add-ons available, so that end users can customize their Sugar experience to be the best that it can be. A module from Sugar Outfitters is guaranteed to work with SugarCRM as soon as it is installed, and the rating and verification systems help users feel confident they are not going to pay for a module they cannot use.

At customers will find the newest Quickbooks module for SugarCRM. This add-on allows for Sugar to communicate with the accounting software, so that invoices and customer payment histories are all in one place, while the bi-directionality allows Quickbooks to export line item invoices to Sugar users. What makes the information sharing even better is that all of this can be done either on a set schedule, or at the default ten minute intervals, so users do not have to worry about manually updating the information from Sugar into Quickbooks. Never before has there been so much automated communication between a CRM portal and the accounting software that keeps the business running.

Sugar Outfitters offers a wide variety of high quality modules for the Sugar portal, but the newest Quickbooks module from FBSG stands out above the rest. Companies will find that the ease of use and the rapid updates between programs make this Quickbooks solution a must have for anyone who is using a Sugar portal.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit or contact them via Twitter @Sugaroutfitters