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SugarCRM Announces Integration of iOS Mobile Devices


Cupertino, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/28/2013 -- Transforming client leads into sales has long been the chief struggle of businesses.  Companies lose thousands of dollars every year because potential clients are not converted into paying customers.  SugarCRM is an automated, cloud based, customer relationship management (CRM) tool that streamlines the communication process for sales and customer service, while allowing management to monitor employee workflow.  Through the use of the SugarCRM interface, companies will see increases in customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction, and the expanded integration of mobile devices into the SugarCRM interface gives companies even greater flexibility to meet their CRM needs.

SugarCRM is the most user friendly CRM interface on the market.  Companies and employees can modify the interface to include whatever specific data the company requires.  The drag-and-drop tools enable businesses to move data fields around the interface with ease, without having to consult IT to make coding changes.  Since 2004, SugarCRM has supplied over one million users with quality access to CRM solutions.

SugarCRM is recognized as one of the best CRM firms by experts in the CRM industry.  Since winning their first CRM Magazine award in 2006, SugarCRM has won dozens of awards for their innovative CRM suite and their total sales force automation.  At the 2013 Stevie Awards, SugarCRM took home one of the industry’s highest honors, winning a Gold Stevie for Relationship Management Solution—New Version.  SugarCRM was also named to CRN’s 2013 Program Partner Guide with a Five Star rating, an honor that makes recognizes SugarCRM’s elite status in the IT Channel.  Even with all of their accolades, Sugar continues to make improvements to their products and interface so that they can stay the world’s leader in CRM technology.

The customer relationship management services offered by SugarCRM work to aid employees at any level within a business, enabling employees and managers to be more effective.  For the sales team Sugar’s interface allows for the easy organization of client data and integrates with itself and other applications.  This means that if a partial client profile already exists in another part of the CRM interface, Sugar’s software will pool that data and allow the user to sync old information with new information.  Sugar’s software also scans social media outlets for data and provides a one stop access point for client tweets, LinkedIn connections and even maps of the locations of clients’ businesses.

For marketing, SugarCRM provides valuable tools to monitor the return on investment (ROI) of various marketing strategies.  The tools in Sugar’s interface allow companies to track sales leads from contact until the sale is made or lost.  With this information, companies can increase their ROI with marketing campaigns that have the highest conversion rate and eliminate programs that underperform.  SugarCRM also makes mass mailings of newsletters and sales offers easier by concentrating contact information into one client database.

Once the potential client becomes a paying customer, SugarCRM provides avenues for customers to voice concerns and seek solutions.  SugarCRM supplies two tiers of automated customer service.  The basic service streamlines the work order process and creates a customized portal for call center agents to address customer issues.  The upgraded tier creates a customer knowledgebase, where customers are able to find many solutions to their problems, without having to wait for a response from customer service.

Most importantly, SugarCRM now offers full mobile CRM support on the iPhone and iPad for versions of iOS 5.0 and later.  As customers continue to stay connected at all times, they expect the companies they do business with to be available as well.  By moving Sugar’s interface to mobile devices, Sugar is able to keep employees connected to the system from any location.  With Sugar’s mobile solutions there is no need to miss a sale because the necessary data is unavailable outside of the office.

With these standard features and many more, SugarCRM is poised to continue to offer the best CRM solutions to any small, medium or large business around the world.

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