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SugarCRM Makes Forecasting Easier


Cupertino, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2013 -- The best businesses are not only aware of what is happening right now, but what is coming down the pipeline as well. These companies are able to see and understand where potential problems are coming and how to adapt and deal with the issues that could affect business. With SugarCRM, companies have the CRM solutions that they want, as well as the forecasting tools that they need to grow their business.

CRM software solutions are about creating a complete picture of the customer and helping guide that customer from initial contact through to the sale and beyond. When used correctly, the software is a powerful tool in enabling the sales staff to interact with customers in a more effective way. At each step of the sales process, employees enter and update information so that management can see how the potential sale is progressing and what management can do to make the sales happen.

With the new forecasting tools integrated into Sugar, management has even more tools at their disposal to get an idea about the company’s current situation. Sugar’s forecasting models differentiate Sugar from other CRM software solutions because it allows managers to define the parameters of the forecast and it ranks potential sales on the probability that the sale will be finalized. This gives companies a more dynamic understanding of what the company is doing and how to allocate resources to get the most from sales during that month or that quarter. This means no more wasted man hours on a project that is going nowhere, and extra help for a potentially big sale.

About SugarCRM
SugarCRM is an industry recognized leader in CRM software solutions and they have the most customizable and adaptable CRM solutions on the market today. With the powerful tools available through Sugar, companies, and their managers, will have more information and will be able to make better decisions about the business.

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