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Sugaroutfitters Now Offering Gmail Synchronization


Minneapolis, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2013 -- Among small business owners, web based email services, like Gmail are more common than those @thecompany’s name. Web based email offers the ability to stay connected while on the move, and they are free services that the company can use from the very beginning. One of the problems has always been that web based email services did not integrate with CRM portals, which meant that companies either had to adopt a new email service and pay for the domain, or they had to settle for only half functionality with the CRM system. Sugaroutfitters is pleased to announce that they are now offering a Gmail synchronization add-on.

SugarCRM is one of the world’s leading CRM solutions. Their pricing is competitive with the large CRM firms, but Sugar tends to offer more customization than other CRM services. For this reason, Sugaroutfitters chose to focus on gathering together the best of the Sugar modules so that customers can find them in one place.

The Gmail synchronization brings all of the best things that Gmail has to offer into the Sugar portal for easy use. Users will find that any time they update information in their Gmail account, the information is automatically updated in Sugar, and vice versa. Even better, Sugar stores a record of all of the email that goes between the company and the customer, even if it goes through Gmail, so there is a record of those emails later on. Finally, when users create or read documents in Google docs, those documents are also available in Sugar. This add-on from Sugaroutfitters is sure to change the way that small businesses approach their email and CRM needs.

About Sugaroutfitters
Sugaroutfitters offers the best and most up-to-date Sugar modules on the internet. With an easy to use search feature and intuitive categories, users will not have to spend a lot of time finding the add-ons that they need. Now that Sugaroutfitters is able to offer support for Gmail synchronization, their other add-ons will seem more attractive as well.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit or contact them via Twitter @Sugaroutfitters.