Expert SEO Corp Now Offers Quickbooks Support


Minneapolis, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2013 -- Accounting is the most important back office support that a company needs, and for many small companies, Quickbooks is the accounting program of choice. Its ease of use and multitude of features makes it possible for companies to keep their accounting in-house and provide constant feedback about the financial health of the company. Using a CRM interface, like SugarCRM, helps to streamline the process of customer acquisition and support, but with the new Sugar Outfitters Quickbooks integration, the CRM portal becomes even more powerful.

Customization of the Sugar interface has been one of the reasons why Sugar adoption is spreading so quickly throughout the world. Businesses can use sites like Sugar Outfitters to find the modules that they need to change the interface to use the programs and features that they rely on to provide the best customer experience possible. The modules are simple to install, and since Sugar is a cloud based service, users do not suffer downtime while they wait for an installer to visit their site.

The Sugar Outfitters Quickbooks integration offers two way integration between the Sugar portal and Quickbooks, allowing users to instantly sync customer data and payment information in a few simple clicks. With the Quickbooks module sales people have access to inventory numbers, as well as the invoice history for clients. Managers have greater control over quote approval and potential sales orders because they have all of the financial data that they need on one screen Because the contact and invoicing information are in one place with the Sugar Outfitters Quickbooks integration, getting payment for products and services is faster than ever before.

To see a video about how Quickbooks integration can help small businesses, please go to . Here customers can read about the full features that Quickbooks integration provides, as well as purchase one of the most essential modules for small and medium sized businesses using Sugar.

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