Suicidal Soldiers, Gay Brothers & Sisters, Micro chipped kids, Michelle Obama's Hair & Bad Leadership


British Columbia, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2013 -- The Full Monty Radio show has been at it again. This time, they are attempting to answer one of the most controversial questions ever answered. The question they have focused on in this week’s episode, is as follows: Are American’s being distracted as our empire crumbles around our ears? Are we the newest version of the people of Rome?

This week’s episode of the show features Dov Baron in full force as he attempts to delve and divulge deeper into leadership, and what the American leadership is doing in the world. To date, the Full Monty Leadership Radio show has attracted thousands of leaders who love to hear it all from realists – people who speak “real talk” and don’t hold back. While the subjects discussed on the show are often controversial, they appeal to a wide audience as it’s something which every American deserves to listen to.

On this episode Dov examines why the media focused on Michelle Obama’s new hairdo, the show also looks at how Obama used a “never before used word” when giving his speech about the world that Americans are currently living in. The lack of leadership in a country that is the most divided since the Vietnam war and the detrimental impact on the lives of Americans each and every day.

Other subjects of discussion within the show include why Americans live in a state of perpetual war, the psychological value of having a common enemy, looking at how many children are abducted and the freedom threatening solution, and the devastating impact the war in Afghanistan and Iraq is having on our soldiers.

The show is for American’s who want a real dose of something credible. To learn more about the latest Full Monty Radio show, head over to:

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