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Sukhi Chandi Photography Release Details from Asian Wedding Invitation Survey


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2016 -- Looking for some inspiration for a beautiful wedding invitation? Here are the top 5 trends that Asian Wedding Photographer, Sukhi Chandi Photography ( recently discovered when conducting a survey of Asian Wedding trends.

The importance of a wedding invitation can be understood from the fact that couples go to the length and breadth of the country in search for a wedding invitation card that symbolizes their love and commitment towards each other. Your wedding invitation is the very first introduction of your wedding to your guests. The invitation should be such that it sets the mood of the guests for the day and in the same go, provides a sense of thanksgiving to the guests for their valuable time. Your wedding card must be an epitome of the sort of wedding celebration you are heading for and must complement the wedding theme. The wedding card has also become significant because a lot of Indian wedding photography themes use the wedding card as an introduction to the wedding events.

If you are feeling uninspired and have not decided on your wedding card; we present to you the 5 latest wedding invite card trends for your inspiration and creative juices. Take a look here:

Camouflage patterns

There was a time when bold patterns, namely polka dots, stripes, flower prints used to make news in the wedding invitation arena, but now the hip trend is to use a camouflage pattern by mixing two or more patterns together in a single color shade or using a contrasting or a complementing color scheme. By using a mixed pattern, the invitation becomes more eye catching and attracts the attention of one and all.

Bold shades

The plain white wedding card is still preferred for a formal themed wedding; but these days a lot of couples are making use of the bold shades to reflect the differently designed wedding themes or the wedding season when they are becoming one soul. For this purpose, the couple needs to select at least three bold colors from the wedding palette and use it to prepare a wedding invite. Such wedding invites typically stand out from the crowd and becomes a true reflection of the marriage celebration. This years shades such as deep red and plum are rather popular.

Personalized wedding cards

The charm of Asian wedding photography increases by using wedding cards that inject your personality in the wedding by making use of the photos of the families, photos of the couples or caricatures in order to weave a bespoke design. You can make use of the handmade cards for this purpose; thus it is a two armed sword- you not only cut cost on your wedding card, but also make something that is so creative that it will hold immense importance for your guests.


The monogram of bride's and groom's initial has been a trend that is seen by one and all for ages. The new trend is to make use of a sleek monogram designed in a logo style that makes use of the couple's initials or even their names. This wedding invitation trend is considered as cheeky yet formal.


Technology is unbeatable! For tech savvy couples, an E-invite that comprises of a soundtrack, video and animation is considered as the best option. You can make use of the social media networks to send your wedding e-invite to your friends and families.

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